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Boiler Feed Pump

Boiler Feed Pump: Steam Turbine driven
Coffin Turbo Pumps are specifically engineered to meet the most demanding requirements of high pressure water application, especially boiler feed services. Simplicity in design and ease of maintenance are key features of the centrifugal, diffuser type pumps. Coffin Turbo Pumps designs are close coupled as steam turbine and pump are mounted together on one single rigid shaft eliminating alignment issues, temperature differentials and delay in start-up time. Your key benefits:

  • Compact and single shaft design eliminates coupling issues
  • Low maintenance 
  • Comparatively low capital expenditure and operational costs
  • Meticulous reliable performance and service

coffin_turbo_brochure_image.gifBrochure Coffin Turbo Pump
Coffin Turbo Pump Brochure

Service & parts

We provide procurement, installation, commissioning and service maintenance for various  equipment in close cooperation with equipment makers. In addition, genuine SPARE PARTS for Coffin Turbo Pumps & Compass Water Soluti..

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